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Wow I've made a weird dream
I dreamt that I was with some people in my house
And then a black Google truck stopped in front of my house
There were guys that walked in my street, ringing at the doors and asking questions
Then one guy came at my window
He put an earphone and a microphone while looking at me through the window xD
and asked me if I could come outside
They said they had to ask me a few questions
All of them had a funny accent XD
The first question was "Do you speak english ?" so I answer "Oui"
then he says another thing to "confirm" that I spoke English
and I say "What did you say ?"
all the guys did not know what I said XD
It was like they had a bad English xD
people from Google
(that was weird)
Anyway I kept on speaking to them in English :O
Then we talked a little bit and they walked away
So I get back in my house
I do something, and then I look again through my window
the truck was gone but there was a whole installation with TVs and PlayStation 3s
Many people playing the video game Tekken, fighting game (do you know it ?)
and I said myself "Oh yes, today is Tekken day !"
But I ran outside and I wanted to play, so I sat down (I luckily found a spot)
but I couldn't figure out how to play
moreover on my spot we had to play with PCs
Tekken is not on PC XD
And we had to change our nicknames, the one by default was "Kinori", I don't know why but anyway I remember it :P
But I couldn't change that too :(
Then I left my spot, I stopped dreaming and I woke up :x
End of the story *angel face*

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